MMA’s RF Solutions + Technologies

Expanding Across the Frequency and Space Domain

Over our 15+ year history, we have made a name for ourselves by developing and delivering game-changing deployable solutions that accomplish MORE. Our RF payload sensors offer best-in-class packaging capabilities and technologies, fueling our growth and disrupting the industry. Our revolutionary application of thin-membrane technologies to RF sensors, first demonstrated on DARPA’s R3D2 mission and followed by DSO’s NeuSAR mission, formed the foundation for expanding across the frequency and space domain, as evidenced by the breadth of our antenna systems.

MMA’s Active + Passive Antenna Architectures (Patented or Patents Pending)

RF Capabilities

Our focus remains on spacecraft and payload sensor solutions that package, deploy and control antennas, but our RF capabilities have greatly evolved. Key to our delivery of end-to-end RF antenna solutions are the strategic relationships we have developed. Working hand-in-hand with our partners, collaborative, cross-disciplinary teams drive every aspect of our custom and production antennas, from RF analysis to design, manufacturing, assembly, and range testing. Our long-time strategic partners at Agile RF Systems (ARS), have been mission critical in the successful design and delivery of many RF mission payloads.

Strategic Partnership

Agile RF Systems (ARS), located in Berthoud, Colorado, is a key partner to MMA providing expertise in RF design, analysis, and testing of our space antenna solutions.

ARS facility in Berthoud, CO.

ARS’s brand new, custom-built 11K+ square foot facility is home to their team of talented RF designers, who have years of experience designing antennas, from simple dish reflectors and elegant reflectarrays to complex phased arrays, including active electronically steered arrays (AESA).

They recently completed build out of a 20’ x 30’, state-of-the-art, robotic nearfield antenna range that is instrumented from 0.75−26.5 GHz with positioner accuracy good to 110 GHz. Additionally a small antenna range provides farfield testing from 0.1−43.5 GHz.

ARS has multiple tools for RF modeling and simulation, including CST (time, integral, frequency and asymptotic solvers with GPU) and TICRA GRASP and QUPES. 


Other industry alliances enable us to provide amplifiers, filters, etc. — in short, we offer the complete front end for our space antenna solutions.