Communications + Sensors

Space communications and sensors play a crucial role in enabling every space mission. MMA’s breadth of antenna solutions are capable of transmitting and receiving signals with high gain, beam agility, and narrow beamwidths. Likewise, our remote sensing solutions can collect data about distant celestial objects, enable Earth observation, or collect atmospheric measurements at the specific wavelengths, spatial and spectral resolutions required to make infinite POSSIBILITIES a reality.



Space Debris Mitigation

Space debris mitigation is a critical aspect of space operations, ensuring the long-term sustainability of space activities and protecting valuable orbits for future space flight. MMA has secured flight heritage with its deorbit solution, which offers the peace of mind your mission requires in today’s burgeoning space environment.


Space Power

MMA’s deployable, space-based solar power is mission proven to crush performance metrics. Our high performance, deployable, semi-rigid-panel solar arrays lead the industry in delivering kilowatts per cubic meter for  CubeSats as well as larger platforms. The broad range of existing configurations offers a glimpse into the creative problem solving already applied to unique and challenging mission requirements.


Spacecraft Deployable Systems

MMA’s spacecraft deployable systems are cleverly designed to unfold, extend, or deploy components or instruments that enable your mission’s functionality. They are the building blocks of our complete solutions, from antennas to optics to solar arrays. These robust and reliable systems are customized in material, mass or configuration to your mission needs.





Space imaging enables scientists, researchers, governments, and organizations to monitor, understand, and make informed decisions about our planet, as well as explore the vast reaches of the universe and beyond. MMA’s innovative mechanical systems enable imaging in customizable and configurable ways, reliably and repeatably.




Pointing Systems

Accurate and stable pointing systems are vital for a wide range of space-based applications, including Earth observation, astronomy, remote sensing, communication, and scientific research. MMA’s pointing systems, booms and and gimbals are reliable enabling mechanisms with the assurance of flight heritage.




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