About MMA

Space is our passion, and exploring is in our DNA.

MMA’s innovative, talented and nimble team is excited about creating deployable solutions that enable your challenging space and terrestrial missions. Our innovative research and development leads to the commercialization of revolutionary products. Through Solutions, Exploration, Excellence and Disruption (SEEDs), we aim to enhance and preserve our way of life for many generations to come.

Our Team

  • Leslie Seal Leslie Seal Director, Strategic Initiatives
  • Tommy Duong Manufacturing, AI+T Supervisor
  • Roger Roberts Roger Roberts CAD Designer
  • Mark Bailey Director, New Business Development
  • Thomas Dunlap Electro-Mechanical Technician
  • Trevor Chambers Trevor Chambers Senior Design Engineer
  • Norm Anderson Norm Anderson Operations + Programs Engineer
  • Tucker Kearney Project Engineer
  • Eric Ruhl Eric Ruhl Chief Engineer
  • Emma + Elora McCauley Business Interns
  • Dr. Keith Kelly P. Keith Kelly, PhD RF Strategic Partner, ARS
  • Ryan Burkle Manufacturing Engineer
  • Sean Parlapiano Sean Parlapiano Program Manager, Solar Arrays
  • Mitch Wiens Mitch Wiens President + CEO
  • Brent Gordon Brent Gordon Project Engineer
  • Nick Stickle Nick Stickle Project Engineer
  • Jason Panczenko Jason Panczenko Program Manager, Antennas
  • Christopher Worsdale Engineering Intern
  • Asa Darnell Asa Darnell R+D Lead
  • Colin Peter Colin Peter Project Engineer
  • Tim Ring Tim Ring Engineering Manager
  • Sandy Sorzano Sandy Sorzano HR, Marketing + Office
  • Andrew Haynes Project Engineer
  • Susan Tower R+D / Design Engineer
  • Brett Lockhart Brett Lockhart CNC Machinist
  • Glenda Erskin Glenda Erskin Finance + Contracts
  • Jason Ohlendorf Jason Ohlendorf Machine Shop Manager

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