MORE Deployable Solutions

dragNET™ De-Orbit System

With funding from an Air Force SBIR, MMA developed and successfully demonstrated a system to remove satellites from orbit — the dragNET De-orbit System. dragNET can be added to an existing spacecraft late in the integration stage and is easily scalable to various classes of vehicles.

The dragNET de-orbit system consists of compactly stowed, thin membranes that release using a single heater-powered actuator and stow in a box the size of a shoebox. Deployment is powered by releasing stored spring energy acting through articulating booms, and once tensioned, the 14 square-meter membranes create the necessary resistance to passively deorbit the spacecraft or launch vehicle. Although it only weighs about six pounds, the system can bring down a 181 kg, ESPA-class spacecraft from altitudes of about 850 km.

Stand-Off Mechanism

The Stand-Off Mechanism (SOM) is a deployable structure with space flight heritage. It provides payload clearance for applications where a fixed bracket is not feasible. The SOM uses a Frangibolt assembly for release and deploys to a height of approximately 8 inches using energy stored in folded tape springs. The typical payload is MMA’s dragNET De-Orbit Module; however, the SOM can be scaled for use with other payloads.


FalconSAT-7 launched in June of 2019 with the aim of imaging the sun. The deployment system consists of a pop-up platform and articulating booms which are powered by stored strain energy. It deploys an optical membrane (photon sieve) from a Nanosat-sized spacecraft, and tensions it at a critical location to enable imaging operations.

FalconSAT-7 stowed in 1U.

PlanetFinder Mirror

Mechanically simple with low-parts count, our deployable optic design combines novel use of proven deployment concepts and optomechanical features to accurately deploy a kinematic metering structure supporting a reflective optic. The PlanetFinder Mirror is scalable and can be expanded to enable future astronomy and earth-imaging missions.

Deployable Boom

The deployable boom is a bolt-on system with integral launch restraint and controlled deployment capability. Powered by our unique Tape Deployer Assembly, it features expansion ratios up to 100:1 and stow volumes down to a 1U form factor. Because this boom is a periodic trussed structure, custom-length booms can be realized by simply adding or removing bays. The scalable system can be used individually or as a building block to enable mission-critical systems such as antennas, solar arrays, tip-mounted instruments, and areal membranes.


Building on other deployables expertise, MMA developed an innovative sunshade that fits a larger optical payload in a smaller fairing than currently possible. The sunshade accommodates the S/C and fairing geometries better than other state-of-the-art systems which utilize non-deployable shade/baffle structures. Further cost savings are realized because these can be developed rapidly. This new technology reduces system costs while maintaining mission utility, flexibility and capability.

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