Deployable Solutions

Deployable Antennas

Packaging flexibility. Mission flexibility.

MMA’s membrane antennas and other antenna architectures offer significant advantages in compaction, simplicity, scalability and cost. They support single frequency, multi- or broadband applications and can generate different beam footprints.



Deployable Solar Arrays

When it comes to delivering space power for missions, MMA crushes the competition. Our high performance, deployable solar arrays lead the industry in delivering kilowatts per cubic meter for CubeSats as well as larger platforms. The broad range of existing configurations are robust and reliable, and we continue to innovate and deliver MORE with each mission.



Deployable Structures

When innovation is the life blood of your organization, big ideas can come in small packages. Our missions have enabled national security, big science, and big data with ingeniously packaged solutions.

We think out-the-box to get more in the box for your mission.




Deorbit Systems


It’s not just a core MMA value, it’s a reality for our industry to prioritize sustainable practices that protect our orbital environment for future generations. The accumulation of space debris poses significant risks to operational satellites and future space missions. Space sustainability is a pressing global concern that requires our immediate attention and collective action. And MMA has been leading the way since its first successful dragNET mission in 2013.



Deployable Space Optics

In the realm of space exploration, the application of deployable mechanical systems to space optics has opened up new frontiers for observing and studying the universe. These innovative systems are designed to be compact during launch and deployment, but expand or unfold once in space to achieve larger apertures and improved capabilities.




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