MarCO Mission’s twin CubeSats rule the headlines!

MarCO’s tiny, twin CubeSats have captured the attention of the entire world!

Their successful voyage to Mars — and the demonstration that smaller, less exquisite assets like these backpack-sized CubeSats can provide powerful support to missions, such as the data/communications relay proven with MarCOs A and B when the InSight Lander arrived at Mars on Monday, November 26, 2018 — is a giant leap forward for CubeSat technology, and a source of pride and excitement for the entire SmallSat community!

MMA is thrilled to have been involved in this milestone technology demonstration by providing space power to the MarCO CubeSats with our first, dual-axis deployment HaWK solar arrays. From all reports, our HaWKs surpassed power estimates on their interplanetary mission to the red planet, and now, BEYOND!

Learn more about this historic mission, and MarCO’s role in it, around the web:

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A beautiful image of Mars from a MarCO CubeSat