Since 2007, MMA has focused on rapidly proving out small footprint concepts for space power and deployables through high-fidelity prototyping. This approach enables results — providing hands-on hardware, early, for our programs and customers to study and see in operation.  Our adept and accomplished team is comprised of system-focused engineering professionals who also hold multiple patents.  We are highly engaged in the small satellite community and are developing advanced capabilities to support current and future space mission needs.

Our unique expertise:
  • Mission and spacecraft systems architecture
  • Advanced conceptual designs and technology development
  • Mechanical and structural design engineering and analysis
  • Engineering services support for every project/mission phase
  • Customization of deployables for specific program requirements
Our product development capabilities:
  • Deployable solar arrays for spacecraft
  • Deployable antennas, thin membranes, structures and precision optical systems
  • Spacecraft bus structures
  • Nanosatellite design and development
  • Launch restraint systems and docking/capture systems
  • Solar array drives, gimbals and other electro-mechanical systems
  • CubeSat and SmallSat systems

Why MMA?

Our team combines unmatched creativity, responsiveness and expertise in spaceflight systems and hardware, designing and delivering high-quality, elegant solutions to challenging requirements. Our exceptional and efficient execution ensures high value at low cost to our military, scientific and commercial customers.

We have FOUR patents issuedSIX patents pending and 150 COMBINED YEARS of flight hardware design, analysis, fabrication and test experience.

What We Do Best

  • Systems Architecture
  • Technology Development
  • Structural Design

MMA’s innovative space power, deployables and deployable aperture solutions designed for CubeSat and SmallSat systems will ensure that you achieve mission success.



 Solar Arrays