Z-Fold HaWK S/A Wings
Z-Fold HaWK S/A Wings
Lawrence Livermore Z-HaWKZ-HaWKZ-HaWKZ-HaWK

zHaWK Solar Array


Product Description

Customized for challenging mission requirements

Based on the innovative HaWK™ solar array series, the zHaWK consists of two 3-panel trifold array wings each mounted on opposite 1U x3U faces.  Like other HaWK configuratuons, the complete array system is stowed for launch and released after power is applied to a melt rod release mechanism.  Deployment of the flip-out panels and wings is accomplished using stored energy provided by springs.  The deployment is a low energy event and does not require any damping.  Once deployed the array wings are in position for power development.  If the mission requires, the sun tracking single axis SADA is used to track the sun position and provide maximum average orbital power.

  • Key Features:
    • Panels are comprised of CFRP substrates with co-cured integrated circuits
    • Reduces bulk/complexity of wires
    • Provides insulating surface(s) for mounting cells
    • Multiple installation locations allow customer to locate launch-restraint bracket(s)
    • TRL 8
  • Key Metrics:
    • Estimated Mass = 350g
    • Estimated Power = 36W BOL @ 25°C

*The HaWK array wings are designed to interface in both a gimbal or a non-gimbaled configuration without interface/configuration changes.

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