SOM deployed
SOM deployed
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Stand-Off Mechanism


Product Description


The Stand-Off Mechanism (SOM) is a flight qualified deployable structure that provides payload clearance in applications in which a fixed bracket is not feasible. The SOM successfully deployed on the ORS-3 mission and was the first flight demonstration of a composite tape deployed mechanism. The typical payload is the MMA dragNET™ De-Orbit System; however, the SOM can be scaled for use with other payloads.

Key features are:

  • Highly scalable
  • Redundant composite tapes
  • No motors / passive mechanism
  • Includes an optional mechanical inhibit for the attached payload
  • Does not rotate during deployment
  • No end-of-motion lockout needed
  • Electrical feed-thru
  • End-of-motion shock is lessened using Belleville washer
  • Undamped deployment. Damping can be added
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