R-HaWK 40kw wingR-HaWK stowed

rHaWK Solar Array


Product Description

Deployable Morphing Modular Solar Power Assembly

MMA’s rHaWK Solar array configuration is based on the flight qualified HaWK and eHaWK solar arrays and can fit 6+ kW into a half to full-size ESPA-Class envelope. This HaWK is resizable, and scalable to 20+kW per wing, is cost effective and modular for design flexibility.

Key performance characteristics:

  • Stowed envelope of 19’’ X 14’’ X 4’’ for each wing (2 wings)
  • > 1 Hz first structural mode (based on FEM)
  • 177 W/kg EOL (75°C)
  • 214 W/kg BOL (28°C, no environmental knock downs)
  • > 80 kW/m3 BOL

The rHaWK solar array system can be scaled up and configured to >20kW

  • 270+ W/kg BOL
  • 70+ kW/m3

*The HaWK array wings are designed to interface in both a gimbal or a non-gimbaled configuration without interface/configuration changes.

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