HaWK 36W BOL Peak
HaWK 36W BOL Peak
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HaWK™ Solar Array


Product Description


MMA’s patented HaWK™ (High Watts per Kilogram) solar array technology is a state-of-the-art deployable satellite power solution, providing best-in-class performance metrics for MicroSat platforms. Our modular and scalable components offer a variety of architecture designs to meet mission requirements. Our focus is on maintaining common components for elegant, deployable power solutions that are reliable at a competitive price point.

The HaWK system is designed for the CubeSat and Small Sat platforms, and provides a building block approach which allows modularity and scalability. Its innovative packaging and restraint scheme seamlessly mount to the outer surface of any CubeSat and meets 6.5mm envelope requirements. On-command deployment using an integrated heater circuit provides command and control versatility to mission operators. Increase orbital average power (OAP) through a uniquely designed single-axis, dual-wing, sun tracking gimbal assembly at 6.5mm thick.

Power specifications:

  • 36 Watts BOL @ 70°C peak power
  • 130W/kg BOL specific power
  • 99kW/m³
  • Spectrolab XTJ 29.9% and XTJ Prime 30.7%
  • Discrete integrated bypass diode

Structure specifications:

  • 1st mode >1.5Hz deployed (estimated)
  • Deployment duration  (tº) from launch lock release to full deployment (tƒ) <1.0 second
  • Solar array system mass ~276.0 grams

Available options:

  • SADA 1U form factor (10cm) 6.5mm thick
  • Motion is +/- 180 degrees
  • Sun tracking

Continuous innovation in MMA HaWK solar array technologies, such as new HaWK configurations that enable higher power outputs, are enabling future, high-power photovoltaic solutions for Next Gen space flight applications.

*The HaWK array wings are designed to interface in both a gimbal or a non-gimbaled configuration without interface/configuration changes.

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