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FDM-HaWK Solar Array


Product Description

High performance, low cost concept

MMA’s FDM configuration of HaWK solar array was designed to be low cost — especially in the 1kW per wing range — and extremely high performance. Its clever “petal assembly” is the basic building block for this self supporting and morphing structure. Like the petals of a daisy, each petal is folded when stowed, then unfurls around a center axis, one at a time by rotary actuator that is spring or motor driven. After rotating from a stowed stack to their deployed configuration, the FDM petals have a two order of magnitude higher stiffness than when stowed.  The FDM’s performance and range of scalability are exceptional!

Key FDM-HaWK characteristics include:

  • Morphing structure
    • Panels change stiffness as deployed by 200+X
    • Panels/CIC’s are self preloaded when stowed for launch-there is NO polyimide foam
    • Morphing action provides initial motion kicker
  • Folds with strain energy for simplicity and cost reduction
    • No motors
    • No control electronics
    • Deployment rate is controlled
      • Damped at the hub
      • Sequenced (one at a time) but un-damped petal deployment
  • Modular
    • Uses solar power panels that are designed for optimized manufacturability at the CIC vendor and lay down house (one of the largest costs of the program)
    • Uses modularity to allow flexibility and scale-ability of a particular design
    • Modularity enhances manufacturability at the solar array integration level
    • Scaleable 100W-100kW

*The HaWK array wings are designed to interface in both a gimbal or a non-gimbaled configuration without interface/configuration changes.

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