E-HaWK Solar Array
E-HaWK Solar Array
E-HaWK Solar Array 72wE-HaWKE-HaWKE-HaWKE-HaWK Solar Array

eHaWK Solar Array


Product Description


MMA Design has significantly advanced the state-of-the-art in NanoSat power systems by developing and qualifying our patented Enhanced High Watts per Kilogram (eHaWK™, Patent No. US 8,814,099 B1) Advanced Solar Array. The eHaWK is initially optimized for a CubeSat 6U configuration, doubling the peak power of our HaWK, and is highly scalable up to 500 Watts.  It consists of an innovative, deployable, morphing modular solar array that can be combined with a single-axis dual-wing sun tracking gimbal assembly. The first protoflight eHaWK-1 solar array is currently under test (TRL 7) in our flight cleanroom and will be flight demonstrated on an Air Force mission in 2017-2018 reaching TRL 9.

Key features include:

  • Fixed deployment or sun-tracked configurations
  • Supports de-orbit < 25 years from 700 km orbit
  • 120 W/kg
  • 72 W BOL Peak Power, 60-70C (in the 6U configuration shown)
  • 44 W OAP (with solar array drive assembly)
  • Available with XTJ 29.5% or XTJ Prime 30.7% cells
  • 0.6 kg System Mass without SADA; 0.85 kg with SADA
  • Modular design scalable to 500 W peak power

Key benefits to small satellite missions include:

  • Packaging efficiency with wing stowed profile of 10 mm thickness on a 6U spacecraft bus
  • Patented morphing panels achieve high deployed frequency
  • A modular and scalable system design to provide a broad range of performance for solving mission needs
  • A low mass and volume system to maximize the mass/volume available for payloads

*The HaWK array wings are designed to interface in both a gimbal or a non-gimbaled configuration without interface/configuration changes.

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