Deployable Antenna
Deployable Antenna
Deployable Antenna StowedDeployable Antenna at the end of a phase I deploymentDeployable Antenna in mid phase II deployment with panel 1 deployingDeployable Antenna fully deployed

Deployable Antenna


Product Description

Deployable, Rigid-panel Antennas

MMA’s technologies enable a variety of deployable, rigid-panel antennas. These antennas deploy large apertures that support higher frequencies, planar-phased arrays and reflectarrays. This approach can produce extremely high aspect-ratio apertures. This scalable approach can generate apertures from <1 m² to > 100 m².

Key product characteristics include:

  • High reliability System
  • Low Mass System
  • Synchronized Determinate Deployment
  • Variable Antenna Surface Standoff
  • Launch Restraint System
  • Single Point Root Interface
  • Stowed first mode frequency > 25 Hz
  • Stowed Volume 1.42m (55.75”) x 0.68m (26.75”) x 0.298m (11.75 in)
  • Deployed first mode frequency 1 Hz
  • Deployed Volume 2.833m (9.30FT) x 2.833m (9.30 FT) x 0.298m (11.75 in)
  • Scalability
  • Space Heritage of Mechanisms utilized on similar deployable structures