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Deployable Boom


Product Description


Our spring-energy deployable booms are cost effective, reliable and minimally complex. Deployment energy is managed with a rotary mechanical damper, and its expansion ratio is up to 100:1. A composite tape structure provides the stored energy for deployment and forms the primary deployed structure. The elegant design involves a fully passive and integral launch restraint with a simple electrical interlace; a purely linear, axial deployment and a canister-free, payload/wire harness-friendly design.

Key characteristics are:

  • Composite tape structure
    • Deployment force source
    • No moving parts
    • Low CTE longerons
    • Few metal parts for improved antenna performance
  • Integral launch restraint with non-complex electrical interface
  • Payload/Wire harness friendly
    • No canister
    • Non-rotating deployment
    • Plenty of envelope for harnessing